The Global Health Program sponsored by Johnson & Johnson facilitates qualified doctors from the USA to provide clinical support to five international sites called HOPE Centres located in Borneo, Liberia, Uganda , South Africa and Rwanda. Philanjalo is the official host for the doctors choosing to come to South Africa. The carefully selected visiting USA doctors joining this program mainly come from Yale or Stanford University. Since the inception of this ongoing program, more than 65 USA doctors have spent a six week visit each to Philanjalo in Tugela Ferry. They have contributed enormously to the care of HIV patients in the Anti-Retro-Viral Clinic based at the Church of Scotland hospital in Tugela Ferry and the Philanjalo Care Center. All the visiting doctors actively participate in the twice weekly doctors educational meetings held in Tugela ferry and are formally registered as volunteers with the Health Professional Counsel of South Africa.

The Global Health Program builds capacity of health care at each of its established sites. Their goal is to establish longstanding Yale/Stanford Johnson & Johnson Health Overseas Partnerships in Education Centres (HOPE Centres) through focusing their scholars and resources at each of the sites. The program seeks to develop partnerships of patient-centred care and models of teaching in low resource settings. 

The program strengthens health care infrastructure and diagnostic skills at host settings, works to diminish “brain drain” from the developing world by building bilateral partnerships, and develops an effective response to the host country’s specific health care needs. The Yale/Stanford Johnson & Johnson HOPE Centres will be marked by resource support, enhanced clinical research, and medical education and exchange at each level of the continuing medical education process.

Please visit the Yale/Stanford J &J website for more information or visit Stanford Global Health for more information about Global Health at Stanford.


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