Our Home Based Care (HBC) program has been operational since 1998. It was the first program undertaken by Philanjalo and has ever since directly and indirectly helped thousands of community members.

The program provides a holistic home care support and care program to patients throughout uMsinga who suffer from a life threatening or terminal illness. Care is given in the home of the ill persons by a caregiver (neighbour, friend or family member) supported by a trained community caregiver supervisor, who monitors care provision. In addition, family and caregivers are supported by a multi-disciplinary team that can meet the specific needs of the individual and family.  The team consists of all the people involved in the patient’s care and support plus a professional nurse, enrolled nurse and social worker.

The Home Based Care program uses a currently total of three hundred and twenty trained community volunteers who care for over nine hundred infected HIV/AIDS and TB patients in the community and nearby settlements (radius of ~90 km).  Often, patients live quite far from the hospital and regional clinics and would have difficulty travelling to them on their own from home.  As a result, the volunteers become crucial to ensuring compliance with ARV treatment and to monitoring the progress of these patients. If a patient worsens, the volunteers bring them to a hospital or clinic. This program is supervised by a team of four full-time Philanjalo workers and one local Department of Health (DOH) sister from Church of Scotland Hospital (COSH).

The home based care program empowers the community and families to cope effectively with the physical, psychosocial and spiritual needs of those living with life threatening illnesses.  It provides education on prevention and treatment of these illnesses and provides much needed support to family members in their care giving roles.

Our Home Based Care (HBC) program has the unique ability to follow patients that have been cared for in the In Patient Unit (IPU) when they return to their homes.  This relationship allows for the smooth transition from care center to home and allows for staff communication regarding individual patient needs. These services provided include;

§  Bathing

§  Meal Preparation

§  Household Chore Help

§  Health Education

§  Medication Intake Monitoring (TB and ARV)

§  Pain & Other Symptom Control

§  Bereavement Counselling & Referral Services 

The help extends to the provision of school uniforms, basic clothing, school uniform and Christmas gifts to those less fortunate and not affording. The provision of the care and support has to withstand many complications and sets back though, among the list, poor cellphone reception, poor transportation system, a lack of financial stability, bad road conditions and more. Our team of Home Based Care (HBC) professional, working hand-in-hand with dedicate community members, has successfully worked to improve poor living conditions of community members.

2011 Home Based Care (HBC).
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